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Right now I'm working on...

...a mobile game! And on an awesome project called "Fuuun" together with my 3D artist boyfriend!

I'm Anke (aka Shampie) and I'm working as a 2D Artist at the game company Upjers GmbH right now. I'm in charge of GUI design and illustrating icons.
I was studying Media Design at the Hochschule Furtwangen University and got my Bachelor of Arts in August 2014.
My goal is to become a great Lead Game Artist!

My Hobbies:

I just loooove creating – is it digitally, traditional, 2D, 3D, illustrating, pixeling, crafting, whatever! It fulfills me and is a great pleasure for me.
What I like to do apart from that is gaming, archery and dancing.

Why "Shampie"?

Well, Shampie is my nick name on the internet since around 2002 and became my artist name, too! You can call me both, Shampie or Anke. :)


Good artists are crappy artists who never gave up.


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